COVID19 Plan and Response, Podcast-A-Palooza® 2021

November 15th 2020; Podcast-A-Palooza COVID-19 Health & Safety

Podcast-A-Palooza® (PCAP) recognizes COVID-19 has had broad and lasting effects on how all in-person events can safely be conducted. PCAP understands management of future events will be critical to ensure the safety of all participants and staff. PCAP remains unfailingly dedicated to the sexual, physical and mental health of our attendees.

The PCAP team appreciates your input and respects the voices of our attendees and the broader Lifestyle community. We will listen and react to drive principled, responsible change at Lifestyle events to meet broader shared community standards. PCAP recognises there is significant, ongoing change required in the Lifestyle event space and with this in mind we offer our pledge:

We will continue:

  • To listen and react appropriately to all community members.
  • Drive positive and substantive change in the Lifestyle event space.
  • Be honest and transparent with all matters not commercially critical to our business
  • Pay our staff a living wage and never intentionally or negligently expose them to harm.

We will never:

  • Put anyone in a position to make decisions of money spent versus their personal health.
  • Delete, change or mask the voice of the community on any social media platform.
  • Falsify attendee numbers, price gouge or accept unethical brands/individuals as sponsors.

Finally, we ask the following from the community:

  • Continue to voice concerns regarding all events, PCAP included, through open dialog built on a desire for positive outcomes.
  • Vote with your feet – do not attend any event which fails to respect accepted community standards of safety.
  • Most importantly, promote, support and attend events that meet or exceed your accepted standards. The Lifestyle community lives and dies through your ongoing support and participation!
  • Continue to be awesome!

To review our previous statements regarding COVID19 and all other PCAP updates please refer to News & Updates