Double Date Nation (DDN) official sponsor of Podcast-A-Palooza

August 9th, 2019; Podcast-A-Palooza (PCAP) are excited to announce a brand-new partnership with the newest lifestyle dating site Double Date Nation (DDN).

DDN launched their site officially in early 2019 after a year of development. With the growing number of people entering the lifestyle, DDN wanted to provide a modern site to offer creative options that appealed to both curious newbies and veterans alike.

DDN’s goal is to provide a unique and discreet environment to network with others of like-mindedness. DDN has the highest security standards in the industry and have made a commitment to their members to maintain those standards as technology advances.

 “The concept of Double Date Nation began soon after our journey into the Lifestyle. We wanted to create something from scratch that was effective and most importantly secure for others” Double Date Nation owner Andi said.

DDN has partnered with PCAP for the May 2020 event to be held in beautiful Miami Beach. DDN will be on location and offering useful information to PCAP attendee’s with special giveaways and exclusive offers.

“We are honoured for the opportunity to work with PCAP 2020. Podcasters have played a large part in our personal journey in the lifestyle and we look forward to an event that acknowledges the importance of their role in this community.” Andi said

“We’re extremely humbled by the support of DDN for our first hotel takeover in 2020, we look forward to a long and fun partnership with this amazing new brand as we both build our presence in the lifestyle” Libertine Events Director Cate said.

PCAP is a new lifestyle destination by Libertine Events aimed at including all people within ethically non-monogamous lifestyles, as well as curious individuals who are seeking to learn about sexuality and relationships.

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