#open® official sponsor Podcast-A-Palooza® Color Pop 2022

21st January 2022: Podcast-A-Palooza® (PCAP2022) are excited to announce a new event partnership with #open

#open have partnered with PCAP2022 as the official event sponsor and will be on site helping to support and make PCAP2022 our best event yet. #open will be supporting PCAP by sponsoring the opening party, seminar rooms + an #open mingle lounge area designed to create a safe and inclusive space for all attendees to share their lifestyle journey

#open is an app for people who are exploring open relationships, created by members of the non-monogamous community. Co-founders Amanda and David realized there was a need for a platform where couples could seek authentic connections together or separately, while promoting consent, transparency, and communication. That’s why #open has the option to create both solo and partnered profiles

We are excited to start our partnership with #open dating app. Secure, ethical & moral operations are extremely important to PCAP and the #open founders have spent countless hours ensuring that the security and user accessibility of the app are beyond compare.

The team at #open align with many of the ideals that PCAP was founded on; inclusivity, identity and communication being critical components to all alternative lifestyles and communities. We are looking forward to a long and fun partnership with #open and hope we can help them achieve their goal to create a community where people can form genuine connections.

#open launched in 2018 with a desire to create a safe & secure place where people from all walks of life could engage with each other and form a community.

The #open team values consent, education, safety, and community. We are therefore thrilled to partner with PCAP, who are similarly committed to those values. We love the progressive, inclusive nature of PCAP events, and their unique execution of experiences catering to non-monogamous individuals

PCAP is a new lifestyle destination by Libertine Events aimed at including all people within ethically non-monogamous lifestyles, as well as curious people who are seeking to learn about sexuality and relationships. All PCAP events are LGBTQIA+ friendly and welcome couples in all relationship styles.

For more information on #open please visit https://hashtagopen.com/

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