Podcast-A-Palooza COVID-19 Health & Safety

March 18, 2020; Podcast-A-Palooza COVID-19 Health & Safety

Further to our previous update on March 11th we wanted to provide additional information on the planning of Podcast-A-Palooza as it pertains to COVID-19.

As the situation continues to evolve in the USA (and around the world) we have been monitoring the potential impact to the PCAP2020 event in Miami (May 15-18).

Based off a number of recent sources of information including the CDC recommendations on large events and the Florida State of Emergency announcement we have begun contingency planning.

Whilst our contractual agreement with the host hotel and all contractors is for non-refundable payments, we have requested the hotel to consider a reschedule of Podcast-A-Palooza 2020 to a later date.

We remain hopeful that the spread of nCOV19 will be contained with the current restrictions being put into place however should the spread continue, and the health & safety of our event be jeopardized we will have no choice but to reschedule.  

We will continue with contingency planning for the May event and keep all our attendees, hosts and sponsors updated with the latest information as it comes to hand.

At this point we are waiting on information from our host hotel and contractors on pre-cautions, availability and closures. We would like to personally thank the entire lifestyle community for supporting us during these unprecedented times, these are decisions we are not taking lightly, and your safety is paramount.  

Wishing you and your family health,

Best Regards

Podcast-A-Palooza Team

This information is accurate as of March 18th 2020 and is to the best of our knowledge factual.

For more information on nCOV19 please visit the CDC website https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html