PlayhouseLV (PLV) sponsors Podcast-A-Palooza

September 10th, 2019; Podcast-A-Palooza (PCAP) are excited to announce a brand-new partnership with the exclusive members only lifestyle group PlayhouseLV (PLV).

PlayhouseLV opened their doors officially in 2018 after a years of being in the lifestyle and building a fantastic community in Las Vegas, Nevada. With the growing number of people entering the lifestyle, PLV wanted to create intimate events for couples and singles to come together in classy, yet exclusive venues that would appeal to the most discerning lifestyler.  

PLV’s goal is to provide sexy, unique, exclusive lifestyle events and pool parties in Las Vegas with style and class. PLV limits their parties to a maximum of 125 hand picked people to ensure a sexy and intimate time whilst keeping abreast of lifestyle trends with distinctive themed events.

Starting in 2020 PlayhouseLV will be expanding and hosting events in multiple cities on the West Coast of the USA.

“It’s been very exciting working with Cate from Libertine Events on their new PCAP event in Miami” PlayhouseLV owner Dave said.

PLV has partnered with PCAP for the May 2020 event to be held in beautiful Miami Beach. PLV intend on being on location and offering useful information to PCAP attendee’s with special giveaways and exclusive offers.

“We couldn’t be happier to be partnered with Playhouse LV. We adore their ethos, passion and commitment to ensuring a safe, sexy and charismatic space for curious couples and singles. We are very excited to working with this forward-thinking organization for many years to come with a lot of laughs and fun!” Libertine Events Director Cate said.

PCAP is a new lifestyle destination by Libertine Events aimed at including all people within ethically non-monogamous lifestyles, as well as curious individuals who are seeking to learn about sexuality and relationships.

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