Promescent® Official Product Sponsor Podcast-A-Palooza® Encore

October 20th, 2021; Podcast-A-Palooza® (PCAP) are excited to announce a new product partnership with Promescent® health and wellness products.

Promescent offer medically endorsed premium sexual wellness products that are developed innovative solutions for your bedroom. They help couples have longer-lasting, more enjoyable intimacy.

Promescent will be supplying health and wellness products for the #PCAPEncore event this November 5-8th in Dallas, Texas and are the official sponsor of our Promescent Red Room for group play.

“Promescent supports the lifestyle community and admires the community’s openness, feedback, and adventure-seeking charisma. We’re happy to be a partner of Podcast-A-Palooza and provide Promescent products for pleasure seekers looking to enhance their sexual well-being to the next level”

Promescent Marketing Manager Ryan

Promescent products were created on the foundation that sex should be pleasurable, stress free, empowering, and safe. These ideals match perfectly with the space that PCAP is creating on site with their curated hotel takeovers.  

“We are excited to start our partnership with Promescent products, backed by medical research and a willingness to support the lifestyle community. We are looking forward to a long and fun partnership with this sex positive brand”

Podcast-A-Palooza Director Cate

PCAP is a new lifestyle destination by Libertine Events aimed at including all people within ethically non-monogamous lifestyles, as well as curious individuals who are seeking to learn about sexuality and relationships.

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