Shameless Care to sponsor security at Carnival Miami 2023

9th December 2022: Libertine Events + Podcast-A-Palooza® are excited to announce a new event partnership with Shameless Care.

Shameless Care have partnered with Libertine Events Carnival 2023 as the official security sponsor. Shameless Care will be supporting Carnival by sponsoring the security team on site, providing our event with round the clock support to protect ourselves, protect our partners and have peace of mind.

Safety and Security of all attendees at Libertine Events is paramount, it is for this reason that we always hire multiple, licenced, trained security personnel for our events to secure each entrance point to our venue/s. For the Libertine Events Carnival takeover in Miami, we have 3 security guards on staff 24 hours a day for the duration of our event. Shameless Care has joined Libertine Events to sponsor these guards, therefore ensuring the safety of our attendees onsite as much as their ED Medication and STi Testing allows for safety in the bedroom.

“As lifestyle participants and hosts, we were frustrated with the STi testing and ED treatments currently available. We couldn’t find anything that made sense for the consensual Non-Monogamy community, so we created it

Robert Johnson, Founder Shameless Care

“We are excited to start our partnership with Shameless Care, having a dedicated, stigma and judgement free health resource is extremely important within the Non-Monogamous community. Robert and his team have been in the Non-Monogamous community for years and understand better than anyone that safety, security and health are paramount to people engaging in consensual Non-Monogamous relationships.   

The team at Shameless Care align with many of the ideals that Libertine Events was founded on; inclusivity, safety and communication being critical components to all alternative lifestyles and communities. We are looking forward to a long and fun partnership with Shameless Care and hope we can help them to destigmatize STi testing, health conversations and ED medication.

Cate, Founder, Libertine Events

Shameless Care launched in 2022 with a desire to create a safe & secure place where people from all walks of life could access health care without judgement.

Shameless Care delivers at-home STI testing and prescription ED medication to the lifestyle community. Shameless Care’s 50-state network of medical providers understand and support the specific needs of the lifestyle community.

“Shameless Care is proud to sponsor this event. While some hosts ignore topics like sexually transmitted disease, Libertine takes a proactive approach to supporting it’s attendees health. If you are in the lifestyle and want to party with other safe, sophisticated attendees, we will see you at a Libertine event!”

Robert Johnson, Founder Shameless Care

PCAP is a new lifestyle destination by Libertine Events aimed at including all people within ethically non-monogamous lifestyles, as well as curious people who are seeking to learn about sexuality and relationships. All our events are LGBTQIA+ friendly and welcome couples in all relationship styles.

For more information on Shameless Care please visit their website

Use Code: Libertine for $30.00 USD off your first quarter of ED Medication or your STi Testing Packages.

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