Weapons Policy

Podcast-A-Palooza (PCAP) has a strict weapons-free policy. If you see something, say something. Please call 9-1-1 if you see a person with a weapon, whether or not it may be legal for them to carry one.

PCAP is a private event and attendees are not permitted to carry weapons of any kind, including, without limitation, concealed or displayed firearms, or anything that may be construed by PCAP as a weapon onto the premises of any official PCAP event. PCAP reserves the right to require anyone who violates this policy to immediately leave the premises of any official PCAP event, and to deactivate and/or revoke the credentials of such Participants. Each Participant agrees that this policy is in force, and agrees to comply with this policy, regardless of whether signs prohibiting weapons are posted at the premises of any official PCAP event.

Our city, county, and state law enforcement agencies have been diligent about ensuring public safety while implementing the law, and PCAP will continue to work with these agencies to minimize its impact on our event.

As the entire hotel is permitted for service of alcohol, under Florida law #790.06 (12) firearms of any type are not permitted to be carried in an area that openly serves alcohol.

For more information on Florida Gun Law please visit Florida State Law website