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Get ready to dive into the world of Libertine Events (Podcast-A-Palooza) – where we’re all about celebrating the fabulous, the daring, and the open-minded in the LGBTQIA+ and alternative lifestyle scene.

Picture this: non-stop excitement, vibes that scream community, and a festival atmosphere that’ll light up your world. We’re cranking up the volume on lifestyle events, bringing you a themed extravaganza from dawn till dusk (and then some). Think killer tunes, epic parties that go into the wee hours, and an experience that’ll keep you hooked.

But wait, there’s more! It’s not just about the entertainment. At Podcast-A-Palooza, we’re all about interaction, dropping knowledge bombs, and spreading peace and love like confetti. So, strut on over to our exclusive hotel takeover and get ready to soak up all the good vibes. This is where the magic happens, folks!

Our Mission

Welcome to the story of Liberitne Events! Born in 2017 from a fiery passion to carve out a haven for all things LGBTQIA+, body positivity, and sexuality positivity. Our mission? Simple yet oh-so-mighty: fashion a haven where people from every corner of the map and every walk of life can unite, explore, educate, and cheer each other on.

Here’s the lowdown: we’re the cool cats dedicated to mixing it up! The Libertine Events crew is all about diversity – think a wild mix of presenters, sponsors, vendors, and all you fabulous attendees.

Oh, did we mention? We’re not just safe, we’re super safe! Proudly waving our LGBTQIA+ safe event banner and strutting our stuff as proud members of the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom. Yeah, we’re all about fostering that vibe where you can be YOU, loud and proud.

San Antonio ”Senses” – October 11th – 14th, 2024

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes the fun! Save the dates in October, because we’re bringing our unique brand of spice to San Antonio. Get ready to ignite your senses in a stunning hotel where every corner whispers seduction. 🔥

This is a NEW property for Libertine Events and we’re excited to share all that San Antonio has to offer

Prepare to be immersed in the next chapter of our ‘water based’ series, where we seize control of an upscale boutique hotel in the heart of Downtown San Antonio for an unforgettable 3-night, 4-day journey into the world of lifestyle pleasure.

Our commitment to intimacy remains unwavering, as we offer only a limited number of exclusive tickets, ensuring that the 130 boutique rooms on site are reserved exclusively for those who appreciate our signature touch of elegance and a generous sprinkle of excitement.


Waitlist Available

Miami “Garden of Hedon” – May 16th – 19th, 2025

Welcome to the sun-kissed shores of Miami, where the heat is always on! Mark your calendars for May 2025, because we’re bringing our unique flair back to this vibrant city. Get ready to immerse yourself in a luxurious hotel where every corner exudes temptation. 🌴

This is our much-anticipated return to Miami for Libertine Events, and we can’t wait to showcase everything this incredible city has to offer.

Dive into the next chapter of our ‘water-based’ series, as we take over a stunning boutique hotel in the heart of Miami for an unforgettable 3-night, 4-day escapade into the world of lifestyle pleasure.

Our dedication to intimacy remains firm, with a limited number of exclusive tickets available. Only 100 boutique rooms will be reserved exclusively for those who crave our signature blend of sophistication and a splash of excitement.

Already 30% SOLD OUT, payment plans available, score your ticket with 10% deposit

Join us for one last, spectacular event as we bid farewell to our Miami takeovers in style. Don’t miss out on this final chance to experience the Garden of Hedon

Our Hosts

Get ready to dive into the ultimate playground of fun and inclusion!

At Libertine Events we’re all about bringing together the coolest content creators + educated/licenced sexperts under one roof. Think of our events as a juicy mix of education, information, and entertainment – we call it “edutainment” and trust us, it’s lit!

And hey, speaking of coolness, take a gander at our stellar hosts below. These folks aren’t just picked randomly – oh no! Each one is handpicked to bring in a dose of diversity and a treasure trove of info to the sex-positive lifestyle. Ready for some serious clicking action? Hit those logos and peek into their wild worlds on websites and social feeds. Trust us, it’s a rabbit hole you won’t regret diving into!

Reviews from Previous Event attendees

“The sexy people and overwhelming positivity of Podcast-A-Palooza were amazing! The energy and vibe were so hot it supercharged us for the summer and helped kickstart our Twitter”

@NJudah7 Attendee

“PCAP was the most fun, sexy, inclusive LS event we’ve ever been to. More please!!! See you at #PCAPENCORE in Nov”

@MMrsDiamond Attendee

“Podcast-A-Palooza was amazing! Being fairly new to the lifestyle, this event showed us how welcoming the people in the lifestyle are Could not have been a better experience!”

@KSunshine2003 Attendees

"We were super excited for this event and PCAPEncore exceeded our expectations!! Cate & her team did a fantastic job organizing the event! There were opportunities to connect with other couples throughout the weekend. We met so many wonderful people!"

@SassyMolassy Attendee

"A fantastic, well planned, enjoyable event!! PCAP always delivers a lot of fun in a safe, educational environment. We will be back for the next event!"

@D&S Attendee

"PCAP at Miami and Dallas are the top end of LS events we have attended. There is a great balance between planned activities and time for spontaneous fun. By far the best part is the people who attend. We have made friendships that continue past the events and so appreciate the ongoing PCAP community - such open-minded, welcoming, and genuine people with whom we can be our true selves. So looking forward to PCAP 2022!"

@playin4funcpl Attendee

"PCAPENCORE - Simply Amazing Lifestyle Event. Host, location, parties, seminars, and meeting some of the best Lifestyle people anywhere. Thank you"

@D&B Attendee

"Cate has found the magic formula for creating a safe environment to explore the life style in. And the attendees are the best. I never imagined there would be so many wonderful and interesting people to meet"

@ThumperandBae Attendee

"We’ve attended PCAP Miami and PCAP Encore in Dallas and had an unforgettable time! Cate puts so much effort and attention to detail in everything she does including ensuring the health and safety of all attendees. We can’t wait for PCAP 2022 and all other events to follow!"

@HoneySpoon Attendee

"We had an incredible weekend at #PCAPEncore! It was another amazing event thanks to Podcast-A-Palooza and all the sexy couples that attended. We look forward to attending more events in the future #PCAP2022"

@SoulmateSwingers Attendee

"So thankful for all my new friends that helped me find my true identity at Podcast-A-Palooza"

@CoquetaCaliente Attendee

"Thank you to Podcast-A-Palooza and all the great presenters and the whole sexy PCAP community for making it a fun event. Roll on PCAP2022"

@DubDonEight Attendee

Our Amazing Hosts