Welcome to Libertine Events + Podcast-A-Palooza Events


Libertine Events (Podcast-A-Palooza) are multi day conferences catering to the LGBTQIA+, alternative lifestyle & open minded communities.

We believe that A-Palooza evokes the fun, excitement, and community-based festival persona that passionate lifestylers are about. Podcast-A-Palooza will take a lifestyle event to the next level, themed from start to finish, music and parties till the early hours to keep you entertained. While providing interaction, education, peace and love to everyone that walks through the doors of our exclusive buy-out hotel.

Our Mission

Created in 2017 out of a desire to create a safe space to explore LGBTQIA+, body positivity & sexuality positivity. Podcast-A-Palooza’s mission is to create a positive environment for people of all backgrounds + location to come together to explore, share knowledge, connect and support each other through one community.

The PCAP team is dedicated to offering a diverse range of presenters, sponsors, vendors and attendees. 

We are proudly an LGBTQIA+ safe event & coalition members of the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom. 

We’ve been working on overhauling our events, vision and what is coming for 2023.

We have been obtaining feedback on how our event would best serve the community and we think we are heading in the right direction.

We have already SOLD OUT for the October event in Miami, if you want to be added to the waitlist, just head over & fill in the form.

We are placing a stronger importance on Libertine Events (our parent company) which will see PCAP moved slightly to the side BUT still a big part of our vision. We will continue to be community led events BUT we want more interaction and better learning moments for you.

We’re so excited to take our curated hotel takeovers to our friends up in Canada for a first of it’s kind event “Libertine Soiree”

Join us December 8th through to the 10th for a new style of hotel takeover, we’ve bought out a 45 star boutique apartment building for the weekend & we have partnered with Le Club L for our finale party.

We are hosting a Soiree in a boutique hotel that embodies Libertine Events’ spirit of inclusivity, sexuality and style. With only 30 rooms on site, Soiree 2023 is going to be a more…intimate affair. A change of pace from the pool-side parties that Podcast-A-Palooza is known for, while maintaining our signature curation.

If you’ve never been to a lifestyle resort or swinger hotel takeover and are worried about being overwhelmed or if big, lavish parties just aren’t your preferred way to meet and engage with sexy friends, this is the event for you! 

Join us in Montreal

Our Hosts

Our events are centered around fun & inclusive content creators. Each event arranged by Podcast-A-Palooza® is a collective of educational, informative and edutainment providers. 

Check out our amazing hosts below, each host has been hand selected and adds diversity and information to the sex positive lifestyle. Click their logos and peep at their websites and social media feeds. 

Reviews from Previous Event attendees

“The sexy people and overwhelming positivity of Podcast-A-Palooza were amazing! The energy and vibe were so hot it supercharged us for the summer and helped kickstart our Twitter”

@NJudah7 Attendee

“PCAP was the most fun, sexy, inclusive LS event we’ve ever been to. More please!!! See you at #PCAPENCORE in Nov”

@MMrsDiamond Attendee

“Podcast-A-Palooza was amazing! Being fairly new to the lifestyle, this event showed us how welcoming the people in the lifestyle are Could not have been a better experience!”

@KSunshine2003 Attendees

"We were super excited for this event and PCAPEncore exceeded our expectations!! Cate & her team did a fantastic job organizing the event! There were opportunities to connect with other couples throughout the weekend. We met so many wonderful people!"

@SassyMolassy Attendee

"A fantastic, well planned, enjoyable event!! PCAP always delivers a lot of fun in a safe, educational environment. We will be back for the next event!"

@D&S Attendee

"PCAP at Miami and Dallas are the top end of LS events we have attended. There is a great balance between planned activities and time for spontaneous fun. By far the best part is the people who attend. We have made friendships that continue past the events and so appreciate the ongoing PCAP community - such open-minded, welcoming, and genuine people with whom we can be our true selves. So looking forward to PCAP 2022!"

@playin4funcpl Attendee

"PCAPENCORE - Simply Amazing Lifestyle Event. Host, location, parties, seminars, and meeting some of the best Lifestyle people anywhere. Thank you"

@D&B Attendee

"Cate has found the magic formula for creating a safe environment to explore the life style in. And the attendees are the best. I never imagined there would be so many wonderful and interesting people to meet"

@ThumperandBae Attendee

"We’ve attended PCAP Miami and PCAP Encore in Dallas and had an unforgettable time! Cate puts so much effort and attention to detail in everything she does including ensuring the health and safety of all attendees. We can’t wait for PCAP 2022 and all other events to follow!"

@HoneySpoon Attendee

"We had an incredible weekend at #PCAPEncore! It was another amazing event thanks to Podcast-A-Palooza and all the sexy couples that attended. We look forward to attending more events in the future #PCAP2022"

@SoulmateSwingers Attendee

"So thankful for all my new friends that helped me find my true identity at Podcast-A-Palooza"

@CoquetaCaliente Attendee

"Thank you to Podcast-A-Palooza and all the great presenters and the whole sexy PCAP community for making it a fun event. Roll on PCAP2022"

@DubDonEight Attendee

Our Amazing Hosts